The Music Deal (Episode 3)

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Most of the next three days went by with my mind just occupied by thoughts of 2face. By three-thirty on Saturday, I was ready to go to the concert. I knocked on the door to my brother’s room a few minutes later.
“Come in,” he said with a bedroom voice. Everything with him is always so seductive. He was just out of the bathroom when I entered.
“I thought you would be ready by now?” I said.
“I said four o’ clock,” he retorted.
“It’s almost four o’ clock.”
“It’s not almost four o’ clock,” he said, “this is three thirty-five.”
Short story - The Music Deal Episode 3
The Music Deal Episode 3
Whatever. Move your ass, man. I sat on his bed looking at him get dressed as if he was trying to seduce me. Few minutes later, we were out of the house on our way to Jogor Centre for the concert.
When we got to Jogor Centre, it was around four-thirty and some people were already there waiting to see my mentor, 2face Idibia. We could conveniently be in the third row for regular from the first view I had. We strode to the seats and we were even lucky to get the second row. We sat on our seats happy at the accomplishment of the second row. Now we had to wait till eight o’ clock when the main event would start.
We were told the DJ would start dishing out tracks from six. I sat and relaxed as much as possible because I knew that was all the sitting I would do before the main event started. The people in the regular category are always unarguably the most passionate in an event like this.
If money was not more important than passion for the planner, we would probably have no VIP category. I mean, we are all music addicts – except many in VIP – and who feels important in the midst of addicts? Let’s all smoke music and get high for then, even a regular becomes very important. Different shades of importance. Many people in the VIP category were probably there for paparazzi and maybe for better safety of their lives and property, I have to admit.
I was becoming twitchy as I had to sit there all alone and in the relative silence, it meant I had to think. As a spontaneous guy that I am, I always get tired when I have to think for an extended period of time and worse, I dread it. We had hardly taken our seat when my brother saw someone he knew. He seemed to know a lot of people wherever we went and those people were always ladies. He was at the right end of the first row enjoying a conversation – probably flirting – with a gorgeous lady anybody in the hall would have loved to talk to, especially me.
I searched my pockets for my earphones, at least I could listen to music till six o’ clock. It was the only option of a fix I had if only my earphones were in my pocket. What a great situation. I could probably play the music on loudspeaker but my phone, with twenty-five percent battery level, would probably last a whole twenty-two minutes. What a long one hour, thirty minutes it would be. My phone was still in my hands. I went to the gallery to see some pictures. Five minutes later, I had checked all the nine hundred and something pictures twice.
I went back to the home page. The battery level was now twenty-two percent. The music app suddenly looked attractive to me, more than usual. I opened the app and started scrolling through the song. Stop it, stop it, stop it, I told myself or rather, my phone told me. By then, I was at the list of 2face’s songs. I saw ‘African queen.’ Hmmm African queen, it’s been a long time since I’ve listened to you, more than a week in fact. So I clicked African queen and increased the volume.
To be continued...
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